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Freudia Neuwahl

the deeper you're in the blue

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a frigid trepidation
Freudia Neuwahl is a Magi, one of nine gifted with powers beyond the comprehension of most normal people. She is close friends with and chief rival to Spiritia Rosenberg, the one Magi who is attempting to stop Graf Michael Sepperin from conquering the world. With her trademark attack, the Freuden Stachel, she shows formidable control over the element of ice. She also has the ability to teleport and create several ghost images of herself, not unlike her own reflection in a frozen crystal. Or at least, that's what she can do in her world. In Manhattan, it's a little different.
collecting us like puppets
Freudia Neuwahl is a character from the Megaman clone RosenkreuzStilette, created by [erka:es] and released in Japan in late 2007. Canon is interpreted with varying degrees of accuracy; the mun does not have a very strong grasp of Japanese, but he speaks Babelfish very fluently. All attempts are made at accurately interpreting what little plot there is in this game.
welcome to my clockwork vanity
this character's player is deltashade.
the player can be contacted by going here.
userinfo lyrics are avantasia's "promised land".
journal lyrics are avantasia's "the toy master".